Code of the West - A film by Rebecca Richman Cohen
The Music

Max Avery Lichtenstein
Original Score
Max is a film composer whose melodic sensibilities, understated arrangements and creative recording techniques infuse a special character into the movies his scores accompany. His music can be heard in critically-acclaimed films such as WAR DON DON, TARNATION, THE KING, JESUS' SON, LOOT and FAR FROM HEAVEN. He recently scored the feature MIGHTY FINE staring Andie MacDowell and Chazz Palminteri, which is scheduled for theatrical release in May 2012. Max is also a member of the band Timesbold and writes and performs his own songs under the name Camphor.

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CODE OF THE WEST features the song "Immolation" by Camphor
From the album "Drawn to Dust" released by Friendly Fire Recordings
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Camphor is project built around the songwriting of Max Avery Lichtenstein. In 2006 Max decided it was time to write some music un-tethered to film, and he penned a collection of songs loosely exploring the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, the idea that greatness exists in the inconspicuous details of the world, and that heart-tugging beauty can be found in the imperfect and the broken.

With the outline of these songs in hand, Max pulled in friends and collaborators from the bands Mercury Rev, Beirut, Stars Like Fleas, Bright Eyes, Hopewell, The Silent League and Timesbold (of which he is also a member) to produce and perform the debut Camphor album "Drawn to Dust," a delicately crafted and gracefully orchestrated chamber pop opus highlighted by Max's captivating voice and evocative lyrics.

Camphor's debut received great acclaim in the U.S., where the CD was released in April 2008 on Friendly Fire Records. The second Camphor album is currently in the production.

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