Code of the West - A film by Rebecca Richman Cohen

Eye-opening... gripping
     Liliana Segura, The Nation

Powerful, enlightening, and beautiful. Watch it now.
     Phillip Smith, Drug War Chronicle

A very human, deeply engrossing and elegantly crafted film
     David Noh, Film Journal International

A timely documentary... Chronicling the efforts of the warring parties in clear-eyed but not unemotional fashion, Code of the West provides a microcosm of the political and social divides facing the country.
     Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

An intriguing and invigorating behind-the-scenes examination of a hot topic.
     P. Hall, Video Librarian (Recommended Film)

"Code of West" brilliantly captures Montana’s debates on cannabis... Outstanding job.
     Charles Johnson, Helena Independent Record

Code of the West is an inspired, deeply personal look at the battle over medical marijuana... In the anguished struggle for personal freedom and responsible public policy, Code will turn heads and change minds, not just in the battleground state of Montana but throughout the country.
     Norm Stamper, Seattle Chief of Police (Ret.), Author of Breaking Rank, and LEAP Speaker

On display here is a keen eye for the how the legislative process works – and doesn't – and the film does an expert job weaving a compelling narrative out of the fear and sadness that has been caused by the federal government's ever-shifting agenda concerning medi-pot... Code of the West is a must-see for anyone interested in drug reform and patients' – or states' – rights. Read Article
     Jordan Smith, Austin Chronicle

An exceptional job of covering a complicated issue. Read Article
     Skylar Browning, Missoula Independent

Code of the West is splendid documentary storytelling on many levels. It captures the full complexity and nuance of the medical marijuana issue without polemics. It’s also a wonderful examination of what democracy looks like up close, when citizens acting in good faith fight in support of opposing convictions.
     Robert MacCoun, Professor of Law and Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Set against the backdrop of Montana's unique cultural and physical landscape, Code of the West explores the complexity of the medical marijuana debate currently unfolding in many US states. Richman Cohen's focus on the human side of the debacle skillfully navigates the nuances of preemption, discretionary enforcement, and other contours of what is one of today's most interesting regulatory issues. Engaging as it is educational, this film is a powerful tool for exploring the legal, social, and generational facets of today's drug policy debate.
     Leo Beletsky, Northeastern University School of Law

‘Code of the West‘ not only presents the 21st centuries example of senseless prohibition in a clear and concise light but also provides unique insight into the true nature of local legislation... Continuing in the recent tradition of strong drug reform independent documentaries like Eugene Jarecki’s ‘The House I Live In‘, ‘Code of the West‘ offers something to be learned for both sides of the aisle.
     Steve Rickinson, indieNYC

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