Code of the West - A film by Rebecca Richman Cohen
Community Spotlight

Joan Richman

Some intriguing things happened to me, when I was proudly wearing my Code of the West t-shirt. A number of my neighbors questioned why I was wearing a marijuana leaf. I am 86 years old. I explained that I believe drug reform is long overdue in this country. I argued that medical marijuana can be very useful for the sick and aged. I insisted that too many people are in prison for marijuana offenses, while we are putting money in the hands of drug lords who deal in the black market. Some of my friends enthusiastically agreed with me. But one disagreed and offered this caution: “You have no idea what you would be unleashing.” At first I was taken aback by this critique. But then I responded that this sounded a lot like the hysteria that surrounded alcohol prohibition. We’ve learned to live with alcohol, and its medicinal value is much more suspect than marijuana. If we can regulate one, why not the other?

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